Building your own products is hard. There are thousands of tiny decisions that need to be made and nobody else to make them for you. To make matters worse, no answer is EVER 100% correct.

So we make the best decision that we can.

And sometimes the decisions we thought were right, were wrong. So we take a step back.

We tell ourselves that next time, we’ll make a better decision. We decide not to do anything until we’re certain. But nothing ever is.

We paralyze ourselves with this fear. Fear that decision will be wrong. Fear that our effort will be wasted.

But by doing this we miss out on a big part of the process. We forget that learning what doesn’t work is just as important as learning what does.

“It needs to be perfect before we can show anyone”, we tell ourselves, “This is our masterpiece.”

But we shouldn’t think of this as our perfect masterpiece because then our work will never see the light of day. Exposing our work to criticism and different perspectives is the only way we can complete the creative process and improve our product.

Stop aiming for perfection and ship.