Checked in at 泉区地域子育て支援拠点 すきっぷ. Went to a local shi-en center to let Leo play around. This one is great because you can see trains from inside. Brilliant!

I’ve spent the last week preparing and executing a move from Fujisawa to our new house in Yokohama. And in that week I’ve naturally taken a break from the twitter outrage machine. It’s been such a breath of fresh air. I’m tempted to delete the app entirely. Fear of missing out on potential professional developments, as it’s used by a large percentage of developers, is probably the only reason I haven’t done so.

It took getting a mortgage for me to get a credit card in Japan. The registration process was polished using the camera to read the card details and Messages to auto fill the verification code sent via SMS. Paying for things just using FaceID is so fluid. Not to mention the privacy and security benefits of using a dynamic card number. Hats off to the designers and engineers behind it all. Well done!

As a huge proponent of typecheck at work, this was a fascinating read. [“Our journey to type checking 4 million lines of Python” – Dropbox Tech Blog](