My website has recently come full circle back to WordPress. It’s been a number of years since I’ve used WordPress. The last time was probably in college on the cheapest shared host I could find. I avoided coming back to WordPress because I didn’t want to maintain a server; I fiddle enough with them at work. Already being a Digital Ocean customer, the 1-Click setup/hardened server seemed like the best way to go. 

I quickly got it configured with all of the IndieWeb plugins to facilitate back-feeding content that I create on other platforms onto my website. The final step starting to use MarsEdit, my old favorite blog editor. Except it couldn’t connect to my website.

Turns out the reason is that the majority of WordPress security issues stem from bots abusing the xmlrpc api and the digital ocean install blocks it at a low level by default. Disabling this block on the server allows programs to use the xmlrpc api and hence MarsEdit to work. Execute the following commands to disable the xmlrpc block.

sudo a2disconf block-xmlrpc
sudo systemctl reload apache2

I’m thinking of buying a (used) Nissan Leaf to drive around town and have been collecting some facts and figures to see how it compares with other cars here in Japan. I’m leaning heavily towards the leaf for three reasons: it’s cheaper to own/operate, no stopping for gas stations (can charge at home), and I don’t want pump out CO2 (and think about it) every time I drive.

The data below was written with Emacs Orgmode (using it’s fantastic spreadsheet capabilities). As I update my local orgfile, I will also update this page as well and make a small announcement on the blog.

Data Setup

2020/01/06 gas prices source

Model MPG MPL KPL Capacity kw/l Energy Consumption / 100km
Leaf 112 29.587 47.616 40 16.9
Note ePower 77 32.7 32.736 47 3.06
Gas/Liter JPY Gas/Gallon JPY Gas/Liter USD Gas/Gallon USD Electricity Min. Electricity Max
146.900 556.077 1.354 5.125 23.67 26.41

Running Costs

Model JPY / KM Fill Up
Leaf 4.00023 946.8
ePower 4.49514 6904.3

Common Destinations

Starting location: Home in Yokohama
Routing done via Apple Maps
Costs are 1-way. Train is 1-way, per person, using the route I’d probably take.

Destination Distance (km) Leaf (¥) e-Power (¥) Train
In-laws 5.8 23.201334 26.071812 242
Costco 15 60.00345 67.4271 609

Planning to buy a car soon (probably an EV). Using Org mode to collect my research and the inline spreadsheet mode makes it suuper easy to make tables with formulas in the appropriate cell all with plain text.