In Shonandai there’s a great restaurant about a minute from the station called New Orleans. With a name like New Orleans, you’d think they specialize in gumbo, or other creole specialties, but you’d be wrong. They specialize in pasta. Tomato sauces, cream sauces, and, my favorite, Japanese-style soy-sauce flavored pasta. The entire street smells like garlic everyday, it’s great.

When I go during summer their ice coffee is a particular joy because they serve it in frozen copper cups. Perfect for the heat of Japanese summers.

Today I went with a friend and fellow Kanagawa-ian who I hadn’t seen since the beginning of the year, Sam. It don’t think I’ve seen Sam since early February, when covid was mostly contained on the cruise ship in Yokohama. It was great to catch up with same, talk about exploring Kanagawa, blogging, and the indie web. I don’t think I’ve spoken that much English…since the last the I saw Sam, now that I think of it.

New Orleans Chicken and Burdock root pasta

New Orleans’ chicken and burdock root pasta is my favorite and I look forward to going again.

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