Thank you for mentioning my post in your weeknotes! I must say that I like the style of your website. It is somewhat reminiscent of the Low-Tech Magazine site. I like the focus on the text content. That’s something I have tried to do to make my site more sustainable: less fluff, more focus on the text.

I must say that I’ve gone through varying degrees of sustainability. To start, I had a white background on my site. I then started to add color. I now support webmentions. I like to think about sustainability not as a constraint but as a consideration in my design.

I like the idea of creating a tool that gives you tips on how to improve your site. I considered setting up a bsic HTML page with tips on how to build a sustainable site. I’ve never gotten around to it. You could probably get far by summarizing the tips you gave in your article on sustainable web design.

Happy belated birthday! I turn 18 on October 1st – our birthdays are in the same week!