1. Webmentions make me feel like part of a community. I’m sending this response to your site and I still own my response. I can chat without giving away my data. I don’t syndicate elsewhere because I only publish on my blog but it’s nice to see other people bring their content onto one site. Have you just built an integration with micro.blog? I saw this post in my RSS feed and I don’t think I’ve read any like it from you before.

    • I haven’t built anything, but using the IndieWeb plugin along with adding my RSS feed let’s me syndicate my posts to micro.blog and participate in the community there.

      Micro.blog was my introduction to the IndieWeb and what got me blogging again. I used to host with them but I wanted to be able to backfeed my Swarm checkins with Geo and a map, which their Hugo based platform didn’t allow.

      I also use their micro pub based Sunlit app for browsing the community ala Instagram and posting to my blog ala Instagram. It’s smart enough to select the proper post kind so posts appear like a status update or photoblog entry or a link to a longer piece.

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