I finished watching Long Way Round while waiting for new episodes of Long Way Up. The adventure travel reminded me a lot of blogs I used to read when I was in high school1 and college2 and dreaming of studying abroad in Japan and living in Japan in general.

In those days, we’d blog, maybe post a bad photo or two, and commented on each others’ sites. Nobody knew each other in real life, but, over time, you’d get a real sense of community. You were of course following the posts, but there were also a regular cast of commenters that you’d also get a sense of knowing. It felt authentic…and innocent.

Why can’t we have this today – but on larger scale? How would you even find these sites on the modern web? Everything is hidden behind “the algorithms” and or paid for by a marketing campaign. Can you even find them?

1 Sushicam.com was a great photo blog by a guy living in Japan. I used to have a few prints of his and also bought his old Canon 10D – until my parents said “If you have enough money to buy a camera, you have enough money to pay rent”.
2 Justin Klein was a great blog from a traveling programmer. Not just Japan, but all over the world.

  1. Discovery is definitely a problem. Blogrolls help to an extent, but we’re missing something.

    The Long Way Down & Round inspired me to pass take my motorcycle test. Love watching Charlie & Ewan on their adventures. Haven’t watched the new one yet, partly because I’m afraid it won’t be as good.

    • Indeed – I’m noodling on a few ideas on how to help with the discovery aspect, but haven’t thought about it deeply enough to write down yet.

      Charlie and Ewan’s adventures are inspiring for sure. I’d love to learn to ride a motorcycle. Always had plans to do it with my dad growing up, but it wasn’t in the cards. Up definitely feels in the same spirit as Round. It’s on electric bikes and with electric cars so it’s a whole ‘nother challenge.

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