• The project at work has morphed from a monolith to a service based architecture with multiple services, background tasks, and databases (of different vendors and versions). I finally had a couple of days to Dockerize it all and use docker-compose to start it in the right order and clean up environmental variables. Feels nice after the fact but it was a slog.
  • Leo’s still at the age where he’s a bit picky about carbs. It’s usually bread or rice and he’ll turn his nose at any kind of pasta, soba, udon or any other noodle. I made a lasagna and this time I involved him a bit more. Once the sauce was started he asked what I was cooking and I showed him and he said it look delicious (“looks like curry”). Then I had him help assemble the lasagna by sprinkling the cheese between the layers. The boy gobbled it up and we have expanded our range of acceptable foods 🙌🏻
  • I’ve been using Sony MDR-7605 for 9 years now. The original pads on them lost the outer layer years ago but recently the pad itself has been slipping off the headphone itself. I finally broke down and spent the ¥1,000 ($9.50?) to get some new paddings and they’re good as new.
  • The car went in for it’s 6 month inspection over the weekend. I got some information about getting a drive-recorder installed in it before our trip next month. The advancements in cameras lately has made it so you can get complete 360 coverage with a single camera for not too much money. Hopefully I’ll never be in the case where I’d need the footage from it.
  • I started listening to some podcasts again. Usually I only listen to Build your SaaS, but this week I discovered My Climate Journey and really enjoyed it. It made me a bit more optimistic about us actually making the transition away form fossil fuels.
  • Jacob linked me to a great episode of Reconcilable Differences. I’ve always been a fan of Merlin Mann and the money quote this time is “At this point social media is more trash than website”. Couldn’t agree more.

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