Checked in at Starbucks (Starbucks Coffee 戸塚店). Used to come to this Starbucks almost everyday when I was an exchange student. Old haunts.

Checked in at 泉区地域子育て支援拠点 すきっぷ. Went to a local shi-en center to let Leo play around. This one is great because you can see trains from inside. Brilliant!

Checked in at 東京入国管理局 横浜支局. Hopefully the last time at immigration for a while (7 years?). Picking up my permanent residence. Y’all’re are stuck with me. :-)

Checked in at Starbucks Coffee 藤沢菖蒲沢店. A nice morning trip to Starbucks with the family. Leo has had his first yogurt and banana at Starbucks.

Checked in at Shake Shack. Went for a single this time. But it’s nice and warm outside. Perfect burger weather.

Checked in at Komeda’s Coffee (コメダ珈琲店). Maru Cheesecake type thing and coffee after some exploring in Totsuka. ☕️