Aug. 27, 2018 - Summer Morning Runs

With summers in Japan so hot and humid you don't have much say about when you're going to run. Early morning runs always make me feel fresh for the remainder of the day. Today's run, like most summer runs, started around 5am.

Today was the first run of the week in my training for the 10 mile run this January. I feel like having 4 months to train for it is a bit excessive because I've already run 60% of the distance before. But proper and slow training will allow me to keep injury free and give me the confidence that I won't just stagger across the finish line.

Overall this run went well. I felt solid and comfortable until around 5km, where I usually end. Running up a hill for half a km right after didn't help either.

Each run this week is 7km. I'll be interested to see how my runs improve as my body gets acclimated to 7km being the new normal.