Sep. 10, 2018 - Keeping Pace

After Saturday's run I was supposed to run again on Tuesday. But we were forecast for rain all day. So I decided to go out on Monday.

I was a bit apprehensive about this run, another 10.5km after just running it 2 days prior. This time I'd also need to work after this run as well.

I set out just after 5am and autumn had arrived. It had rained a bit overnight and there were small sprinkles of rain during my run.

This was a tempo-run aiming for 6:52 / km. I tried to keep it, but I couldn't. The first 3km I was 5 - 20 seconds too fast. And after that I was 4 - 18 seconds too slow. It evend out to being about 7 seconds slower.

Overall though I didn't feel as drained as I did on Saturday's run, even though I completed this one 4 minutes quicker.