Sep. 16, 2018 - My Longest Distance

I had been dreading today's run for a couple of days. After feeling so drained at 10.5km, I didn't know how I'd ever complete today's goal: 14km.

It was overcast and cool this morning, which made it easier to just chug along. Usually for my 10.5km runs I run to a junior high and circle back. With an extra 1.5km on each side required I decided to just keep following the river.

As I was running I saw the Tokaido Shinkansen whizz by at a couple hundred km.

By the time I hit 50 minutes into the run my body was just on autopilot. Left, Right, Left. I ran at a slower pace today and I felt like I could have gone the full distance of the Fujisawa Marathon (16km) without much trouble.

That said - I'm glad tomorrow is a rest day.