Oct. 02, 2018 - Running After Work

With the change in my son's scheduled I mentioned in the last post, I tried something new: running after work.

There's a different crowd at at 4:30pm than at 5am. More kids on bikes and dogs. The mornings have fewer people and mostly other runners with the occasional group of retirees going for strolls. With the days being shorter it's also a race against the sun: can I get home before it gets dark. (I did, but just barely).

I am happy to report that junior high school students are the same everywhere. As I was running some kids on the local cycling team came past and yelled "unchi!" or poo in English.

This run was a challenge. I missed my pace by about 10 seconds overall, but I'm not too bothered by it. My goal for today's run was just to finish as it had been a while.

There's a bit of the trail that goes under a major road. I've made a habit it dashing under it as my gps lost signal once. But today when I did it I think I over-extended myself and my leg felt off for the remainder of the run. Thankfully it's feeling better as I write this the next day.

The past km seems to be easier than the middle kilometers. I think it's as the end is in sight.