Sep. 25, 2018 - Skipped a Week

I skipped a week. I didn't mean to. But I did.

My son has changed his schedule recently. Rather than waking up at 4am-ish for a bit then going back to sleep, he's been waking up with me around 5, but staying up, so no sneaking out for me.

Getting out early for a run though was great. Autumn is here and the trail I run along has a bunch of farms along it. Watching the rice paddies change with the seasons is always a pleasure and the rice is ready to come in for harvest.

Today's run was one I hadn't done in a while - a run over to Izumi-chuo station and mostly back. The hills after I break from the river and go along the road are a killer. And I managed to hit each light each time, so there was some extra effort running along the street and back to time the light to cross.

After not running for a week - the 7k felt longer than it used to.