Bread & Espresso

I've got a bread addiction. Coming to Japan was the first time I was able to easily access quality bread that didn't come in a bag from the grocery store. In this series I plan to document the bakeries that I visit in the Shonan area.

Today's Bakery isBread & Espresso. While it's more of a chain store, they don't have many stores and the bread of excellent. Located inShonan T-Siteshopping center it's perfect for a lazy weekend of looking at books, drinking coffee, and munching on bread

Since it's spring time the weather was perfect for eating outside at one of the terrace seats throughout T-Site.

Today's bread was a Sausage and Beans (ウィナービーンズ), and a Matcha Anko (Japanese sweet red bean paste)Bagel (抹茶あんこベーグル). The bagel was interesting because it wasn't a bagel that you'd slice and put some cream cheese on, but rather more like a stuffed bread made out of bagel dough.

Sausage & Beans ¥250

Sausage and beans

Matcha Anko Bagel ¥300

Mactcha bagel

Shop Info

  • Address: 6-20-1 Tsujido-motomachi, Fujisawa, Kanagawa
  • 住所: 神奈川県藤沢市辻堂元町6丁目20-1
  • Tel: 0466-47-8001
  • Homepage: