Madam Rouge

I recently bought a book about bread in Shonan. A lot of the bakeries are a bit of a trek from where I live as they're in the Kamakura and Zushi areas. But there were a few listed in the Fujisawa area so I decided to visit one:Madame Rouge.

I honestly didn't really read the article, I just remembered that it was close to Fujisawa station so I decided to go exploring. Best. Decision. Ever.

The bakery itself is about 5-ish minutes from Fujisawa station. Approaching the bakery and you immediately notice that it looks a bit ...French. Between Boulangerie (one of four words I know in French1) being written in a classic french looking font and the lavender outside, you know it's someplace special.


When you enter the shop they have french radio streaming as well for the full Parisian experience. I arrived around 1pm and had no idea what to expect. They were mostly sold out, so I hastily picked the sandwich that had ingredients that I enjoy but can't eat on a regular basis in Japan: pastrami and pickles2.

As the two tables out front where you can sit and enjoy your bread were occupied, I walked to the river nearby hoping to find a bench to sit and enjoy my sandwich. The bread for the sandwich is a french style bread and it has the perfect amount of crunch in the crust.

Often you'll see people make a sandwich with a baguette, but instead of a delicious sandwich, they just end up being a overly-crunchy cut-your-mouth sharp mess that's tough to eat. This was the opposite. The bread had a slight crunch with just a bit of chewiness. What's more there was a hidden surprise not visible when I picked my sandwich: pickled onions adding a bit of extra tang to nicely tie everything together.

Also not photoed were the plain scones that I got to go. They were also fantastic with a buttery and slightly-sweet flavor. If you're in Fujisawa for any reason, take the time and visit this bakery. Do go early because as I was walking back to the station after eating my sandwich they were sold out and closing up for the day.

  • 1The other words are bonjour, oui, and merci.
  • 2It's not that pickles and or pastrami aren't easy-enough to find, it's more of the prices of deli meat being comparatively expensive and bread at the supermarket / bakeries is sold in the 6 inch loafs sliced in varying degrees of thickness, so I opt for the thicker slices for toast, rather than thinner slices for sandwiches.

Shop Info

  • Address: 12-1 Asahicho, Fujisawa, Kanagawa, 251-0054
  • 住所: 〒251-0054 神奈川県藤沢市朝日町12−1
  • Tel: 0466-86-7713
  • Homepage: