With the case numbers rising nonstop we’ve decided to stay in as much as possible and live by mail order.

Doing such means we can’t visit cafes or coffee houses for beans, so we’re ordering them instead. Excited to try the House blend from 27 Coffee Roasters in Tsujido, Kanagawa. ☕️🇯🇵

I haven’t been posting all of my runs to my blog lately, but this week I managed to catch the sunrise and the sunset at almost the same location. Yokohama is the best. 🇯🇵

Sun goes up.

The Sunrise in Yokohama

Sun goes down

The sunset in Yokohama


Just past Shimoida station off the subway. Still blows my mind this is Yokohama. Nice 10k to round off the week and get my monthly goal kms in. 🏃🙌🏻

Sometime this morning my top drive in my drobo died. New (larger) one comes tomorrow. Let’s hope another one doesn’t die in the meantime. Lasted 7 or 8 years, not bad.

Good morning 5km. Running at 5am in autumn is a bit lonely. Not as many runners (near zero) to pressure me in to going just a bit further/faster. 🏃