Scratch your itch

People don’t talk much about building for themselves these days.

Read this article and learn the secrets of writing your own articles to attract people to your website.

You can’t build anything until you’ve setup a landing page, interviewed 100 people, and have 1,000 true fans to send an email to on launch day.

Forget writing software products, take my course to teach you how to build your first product (hint, the product is not software, it’s a course).


When was the last time Apple setup a landing page and decided to scrap an idea because they didn’t get enough signups? Never.

Or Edison? “Didn’t get enough sign ups for the “lightbulb”. On to the next idea.

More people signed up for the faster horse service, guess nobody wants a car.


Build what you need. Scratch your itch. Iterate. Improve. Andtellpeople about it.