The Week #151

  • One for last week that I forgot to mention, so I'll mention it this week. Since getting his Lego Mario, he's been into building anything and everything. One of his friends at school attends a robot / programming school twice a month, and Leo went to a trial lesson. He had a blast, so we're signing him up for it. It means that twice a month we'll have an hour and a half kid-free and there's a Komeda Coffee across the street.
  • The G7 came to Hiroshima, Japan. A major point of discussion for them was climate change and electricity. We also lined up some announcements to go along with that including a plan to invest Β£1.5 billion in renewablesΒ  in APAC by 2027. To go along with that, we started an advertising campain in Hiroshima. This photo was taken (by not me) outside the Shinkansen gates. It's really cool to see our ads showing up at major train stations throughout Japan.
  • The Super Mario Bros. movie was released on iTunes, so our pre-order went through and we can now enjoy watching the movie at home. Leo has watched it everyday. He's picking up vocabulary from re-watching it so many times, too. My favorite thing is that he tries to sing along with Bowser's ballad to Peach. Jack Black plays Bowser, so you can imagine what he's trying to sing along with.
  • I bought a second, lighter, 12kg Kettlebell. I don't want to injure myself by going too big too quickly. Alas, this one too will take a couple of weeks to arrive.

  • @jamesvandyne That's great Leo is excited to do programming! And definitely having a similar experience in our house where the Super Mario movie is on all the time :P

  • @jamesvandyne Re: Lego and robots. If you can get your hand on a kit, i highly recommend the Lego Boost set. Great fun to build and program, will keep y'all entertained for weeks at least. App support might end (product is EOL), but there are plugins for Scratch and at least one Python library.