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    The Need For Speed propels you into the fast and dangerous lives of new York City s hippest sub-culture: the hard core bicycle messengers who adhere to only one motto,- Either you get better or you get dead. They are the last free spirits in America, or as Steve - The Greek puts it, I am Marco Polo, doomed to New York!
    I was searching YouTube for a documentary about bike messengers in NYC that I downloaded ages ago and found this fantastic documentary. The actual movie I was searching for was Pedal (2001).Β  What's interesting is that one of the main characters in The Need for Speed, Steve "the Greek" had just started his bike messenger service and was still making runs and he also appears in Pedal, but this time as a dispatcher at his company.

    These messengers have no cellphones, no gps. Just a pager (!) so they can use a payphone(!) to find out about their next run. So. Cool.
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    The Small Web is for people (not startups, enterprises, or governments). It is also made by people and small, independent organisations (not startups, enterprises, or governments).

    On the Small Web, you (and only you) own and control your own home (or homes).
    This is exactly what motivates me to work and build Tanzawa. The world needs a smaller web focused on people. The Small Tech principles are also bang on.
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    However, it’s not just about raw size, but about an β€œethos of small”. It’s caring about the users of your site: that your pages download fast, are easy to read, have interesting content, and don’t load scads of JavaScript for Google or Facebook’s trackers.
    Ben really hit the nail on the head with this one. The small web really lines up with my goals for Tanzawa – maybe this desire to return to a smaller, more independent web is part of a larger trend?