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    I can make some of my own electricity at home, but I canโ€™t make my own gas. My point here is there are ways ordinary people can switch to healthier non gas cooking at a reasonable price point without engaging in institutional drama or politics.
    As much as I hate my gas-stove for all of the reasons listed in the article and want to replace it โ€“ $3,000 or so (including upgrading electric in the kitchen) is a bit much right now. However, they make a good point about using smaller appliances to fill the gap. One could even use portal batteries / solar arrays to charge and cook off of them entirely off grid. Clever.

    I reckon I could replace the majority of my gas range usage with a little portable 1 or 2 burner IH cooktop. When combined with my slow-cooker I bet we wouldn't even need to use the gas range at all...a $75 - $150 fix instead of a $3,000 fix to reduce carbon emissions and improve indoor air quality. Seems reasonable to me. They even make some with legs so they could fit in place of / over your gas range.
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    James Wheare now gives a quick demo. Heโ€™s making a daily physical lifestream. Overnight, it pulls in blog entries, Flickr pictures and twitter messages from his friends and in the morning, he prints out a foldable A4 page. He can fold this down into a little booklet to take with him when he leaves the house.
    I donโ€™t commute most days so printing out a โ€œlifestreamโ€ doesnโ€™t quite make sense for me, but I love the idea of using paper more. I love paper and pens and notebooksโ€ฆI can just never seem to get in the habit of using them.

    But being able to mashup feeds and photos together via open APIs and formats is one thing that makes the internet great. I should look into doing more of that, instead of outsourcing it to Mastodon and my RSS readerโ€ฆ
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    But itโ€™s almost 2023 now. The world is different, the online world is very different, and Iโ€™m pushing 50. So I think itโ€™s time we all start talking about online gathering places with a more apt metaphor: bars.
    Very apt description of online community. You can't have a good bar without a good bartender (community manager). The big social sites always try to outsource the bar tending to AI or outsourced moderators to save money, but it doesn't work.
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    Iโ€™ll try to not loose too much time looking at these. Incredibly fascinating. Iโ€™m glad collections like this exist for free on the web. ๐Ÿš€๐ŸŒ•
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    Everyone should start blogging again. Own your own site. Visit all your friends' sites. Bring back the artisan, hand-crafted Web. Sure, it's a little more work, but it's worth it. You don't even need to stop using social media! It's a "yes, and" situation, not a "no, but" one.
    Agree with this 100%. Having โ€œThe Weekโ€ is what has kept me blogging and building my own site.
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    Kate Bellingham reports that an exciting new interconnected world - a world where every word ever written, every picture ever painted and ever film ever shot...
    I like watching these clips about the early internet as presenters try to explain the internet. Who could've guessed it was such an integral part of modern life 30 years later. Also really like the setup with all of the old Mac desktops in various states of screensaver or not.
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    From Georgia to Brittany via Austria and Denmark, we meet with passionate craftspeople obsessed with producing better bread. Between tradition and modernity, some strive to produce excellent sourdough, others use ancestral wheat, but all aim to make the best possible bread while respecting local, ecological and sustainable production.
    Such a good series. Makes me want to become a baker. Or at least get some really high quality, hard chewy breads.
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    Journeys around Britain by bus and train
    Such a lovely blog full of photos of trains and buses and journeys through Britain. A site that makes the internet great.
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    Japan is one of the world's biggest plastic waste producers, thanks to its love of packaging - but a week of going plastic-free in Tokyo reveals surprising solutions.
    As they say in Japan, eco(logial) means it's only wrapped in plastic twice.
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    My rooftop panels showed me that a world powered by renewables would be an overflowing horn of plenty, with fast, sporty cars and comfy homes.
    This is something Iโ€™m really looking forward to when my panels get installed. Whenever the chip shortage allows them to be madeโ€ฆ
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