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    Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Sen. Joe Manchin on Wednesday announced a deal on an energy and health care bill, representing a breakthrough after more than a year of negotiations that have collapsed time and again.
    While many details have not been disclosed, the measure would invest $369 billion into energy and climate change programs, with the goal of reducing carbon emissions by 40% by 2030, according to a one-page fact sheet.
    Great news! Exactly what I needed to hear this week.
  • Bookmark of You should take more screenshots

    If you do any sort of creative digital work, screenshots and screen recordings are a great way to remember it.
    That was part of the reason why I started writing archive pages for my projects a while back. I used to have screengrabs of my old Mac and Linux desktops floating about somewhere, too, for that extra nostalgia hit. They seem to have disappeared in the sands of time, however. Mostly Digital Blasphemy backgrounds with similar color themed xmms and friends running.
  • Bookmark of What if your website had business hours? β€” Bobbie Chen

    While reviewing the draft, my friend Michael L. pointed out that while most websites are up all the time, some are not - for example, B&H Photo doesn't accept orders on Saturdays for religious reasons. So what if our software business had limited hours instead, like a physical-world store?
    I really like this idea. A lot. More businesses should do this and help re-calibrate society to a slower pace of life. Β 
  • Bookmark of Opinion | What Joe Manchin Cost Us

    Hold your children close tonight. Leave some water out for the birds. And make a plan to call your elected leaders to demand climate action, to rip out your fossil fuel furnace or to buy an e-bike. The climate crisis is getting worse, and Congress is one vote short of saving us. We’re going to have to save ourselves.
    Hard agree. Reminds me, I should email the solar installers, who also do full electrification, how much it would cost to rid us of our gas range and water heater…
  • I've been thinking about adding the weather of Yokohama (or user defined location) to the top of my blog and on each post, when published. For checkins it would be the location of the checkin. WeatherKit from Apple is pretty interesting to me, but not sure I join the Apple Developer program again.

    Either way, my buddy Paul just posted a good example of How to use WeatherKit from Python. Something for me to stew on.... Thanks Paul!
  • Bookmark of My awakening moment about how smartphones fragment our attention span

    I recently realized that absorbing the constant inflow of information from my smartphone, always readily available in my pocket to capture any free moment of attention, had fragmented my attention span.
  • Bookmark of Cool desktops don’t change 😎 - Tyler Cipriani

    And while it’s tempting to switch to one of the endless new apps out there, there are good reasons to trust old tools.
    I think about this, probably more often than I should, not just with software, but also my trusty mid-2014 MacBook Pro. There's a place and time for new shiny, but it's just so comfortable using tools you're used to.

    Worth a read for the photo of his Thinkpad alone. Love the Mastodon (though I'm not a user) sticker that reads "Every tweet feeds the beast!"
  • Bookmark of ongoing by Tim Bray Β· 4,000,000m Lessons

    The odometer on my e-bike clicked over to 4K and, rather than a general-purpose β€œe-bikes are great” rave, I thought I’d assemble a few concrete arguments for them, suitable for re-use with friends and loved ones in the (likely) case that you’re already convinced. With pictures.
    All of his points are spot on. For me it's mostly "it's practical", "infrastructure is human scale", and "it's fun". The "good for the city" and "good for the planet" arguments are just a bonus.
  • Bookmark of Travel photos are underrated

    I snapped many photos while wandering Haifa last week, as I always do whenever I see something new or interesting while exploring a city. I was with my friend Tyler, who conspicuously does not take photos while exploring a new place. I asked him why,...
    This is one reason I made Trips. I wanted a way to re-visit my trips. Having your photos and a map make it so much more enjoyable to remember than a pro photo someone else took.
  • Bookmark of Why did renewables become so cheap so fast?

    Fossil fuels dominate the global power supply because until very recently electricity from fossil fuels was the cheapest. This has changed dramatically. In most places power from new renewables is now cheaper than new fossil fuels.
    Fascinating read.
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