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    Everyone should start blogging again. Own your own site. Visit all your friends' sites. Bring back the artisan, hand-crafted Web. Sure, it's a little more work, but it's worth it. You don't even need to stop using social media! It's a "yes, and" situation, not a "no, but" one.
    Agree with this 100%. Having β€œThe Week” is what has kept me blogging and building my own site.
  • Bookmark of 1994: Are YOU Ready for the INTERNET? | Tomorrow's World | Retro Tech | BBC Archive

    Kate Bellingham reports that an exciting new interconnected world - a world where every word ever written, every picture ever painted and ever film ever shot...
    I like watching these clips about the early internet as presenters try to explain the internet. Who could've guessed it was such an integral part of modern life 30 years later. Also really like the setup with all of the old Mac desktops in various states of screensaver or not.
  • Bookmark of When Bread Becomes Art - Discovery | ARTE in English

    From Georgia to Brittany via Austria and Denmark, we meet with passionate craftspeople obsessed with producing better bread. Between tradition and modernity, some strive to produce excellent sourdough, others use ancestral wheat, but all aim to make the best possible bread while respecting local, ecological and sustainable production.
    Such a good series. Makes me want to become a baker. Or at least get some really high quality, hard chewy breads.
  • Bookmark of Journeys around Britain by bus and train

    Journeys around Britain by bus and train
    Such a lovely blog full of photos of trains and buses and journeys through Britain. A site that makes the internet great.
  • Bookmark of Quitting single-use plastic in Japan

    Japan is one of the world's biggest plastic waste producers, thanks to its love of packaging - but a week of going plastic-free in Tokyo reveals surprising solutions.
    As they say in Japan, eco(logial) means it's only wrapped in plastic twice.
  • Bookmark of After Going Solar, I Felt the Bliss of Sudden Abundance

    My rooftop panels showed me that a world powered by renewables would be an overflowing horn of plenty, with fast, sporty cars and comfy homes.
    This is something I’m really looking forward to when my panels get installed. Whenever the chip shortage allows them to be made…
  • Bookmark of Manchin and Schumer announce deal for energy and health care bill

    Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Sen. Joe Manchin on Wednesday announced a deal on an energy and health care bill, representing a breakthrough after more than a year of negotiations that have collapsed time and again.
    While many details have not been disclosed, the measure would invest $369 billion into energy and climate change programs, with the goal of reducing carbon emissions by 40% by 2030, according to a one-page fact sheet.
    Great news! Exactly what I needed to hear this week.
  • Bookmark of You should take more screenshots

    If you do any sort of creative digital work, screenshots and screen recordings are a great way to remember it.
    That was part of the reason why I started writing archive pages for my projects a while back. I used to have screengrabs of my old Mac and Linux desktops floating about somewhere, too, for that extra nostalgia hit. They seem to have disappeared in the sands of time, however. Mostly Digital Blasphemy backgrounds with similar color themed xmms and friends running.
  • Bookmark of What if your website had business hours? β€” Bobbie Chen

    While reviewing the draft, my friend Michael L. pointed out that while most websites are up all the time, some are not - for example, B&H Photo doesn't accept orders on Saturdays for religious reasons. So what if our software business had limited hours instead, like a physical-world store?
    I really like this idea. A lot. More businesses should do this and help re-calibrate society to a slower pace of life. Β 
  • Bookmark of Opinion | What Joe Manchin Cost Us

    Hold your children close tonight. Leave some water out for the birds. And make a plan to call your elected leaders to demand climate action, to rip out your fossil fuel furnace or to buy an e-bike. The climate crisis is getting worse, and Congress is one vote short of saving us. We’re going to have to save ourselves.
    Hard agree. Reminds me, I should email the solar installers, who also do full electrification, how much it would cost to rid us of our gas range and water heater…
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