More great things coming out of Helsinki (besides my favorite Marimekko, iitara, Aalto, and Linux). Maybe not as high up on the list, but Yotto is pretty great.

Riding the train in to Shinjuku and saw a mom and her son waving goodbye to the train from the balcony of their mansion as we whizzed on by. Such a wholesome routine.

Autumn Festival at the shrine near our house. It started raining so we left before the mikoshi arrived. 😀🍂🍁

Checked in at 泉区地域子育て支援拠点 すきっぷ. Went to a local shi-en center to let Leo play around. This one is great because you can see trains from inside. Brilliant!

Twitter’s Sticking Power is FOMO

I’ve spent the last week preparing and executing a move from Fujisawa to our new house in Yokohama. And in that week I’ve naturally taken a break from the twitter outrage machine. It’s been such a breath of fresh air. I’m tempted to delete the app entirely. Fear of missing out on potential professional developments, as it’s used by a large percentage of developers, is probably the only reason I haven’t done so.

Introduced ourselves to our new neighbors across the street at our new house. They’re super nice and have a granddaughter around Leo’s age. Such a relief.

Apple Wallet + FaceID = 😍

It took getting a mortgage for me to get a credit card in Japan. The registration process was polished using the camera to read the card details and Messages to auto fill the verification code sent via SMS. Paying for things just using FaceID is so fluid. Not to mention the privacy and security benefits of using a dynamic card number. Hats off to the designers and engineers behind it all. Well done!

Apple needs to contract Johnny Ive’s new company to do voice overs for the product videos. I miss the accent.

Managed to get Vue.js/Typescript with webpack, which is then included in a Django template allowing for the best of both Single Page Applications and traditional form based apps that Django excels at working today. Hot-reloading is so nice. I should document what I did.

Saw some fun English on the train today. “You can’t expect to inspire people if you’re uninspiring. OBEDIENCE”. All righty then.

Found this fascinating video about the transformation of Dutch cities from car centered to people and bike centered. Japan is way more bike friendly than the US, but dedicated bike lanes or roads are still rare.