• Checkin to The LEGO Store

    Looking for legos.
  • Checkin to Kaffeine

    Post lunch coffee.
  • Checkin to Soho Square

    Lovely lunch in the park again.
  • Checkin to The Adam & Eve

    It’s beer thirty. 乾杯ー
  • Checkin to Soho Square

    Jerusalem Falafel.
  • Another good run this morning.

    Really beautiful park.
    The main drag

    The great thing about going for regular long-ish runs like this in the morning is I can eat whatever I’d like for breakfast.

    The restaurant staff are understanding me better too and now bring me the big coffee instead of a small coffee and an inevitable refill.

    The big coffee

  • Checkin to Queen Mary's Gardens

    The roses in this area smell wonderful in the cool morning.
  • The Week #98

    • The main event of the week this week is that I'm not in Japan. I flew to London for work for 2 weeks. It's my first time to the UK and my first time leaving Japan since I arrived in Jan 2017.Β 
    • One thing you notice as someone new to a city is the smell. For example, New York smells like trash. Houston smells like "god knows what but it's probably going to give me cancer so don't breathe too deeply" because of the refineries. London has a particular smell that I can't quite identify. It's almost kind of a sweet smell (mixed with occasional whiffs of trash). Maybe it's the smell of the common cleaners used in the shops/offices? Maybe it's the covid in the air (πŸ€ͺ)? Hopefully I can identify it before I get used to it (or before I lose my sense of smell πŸ₯).
    • One thing that stands out to me about London, compared to Tokyo, is how many cyclists you see. From bike messengers to people commuting via Boris bikes, to cargo bikes. And I love it.Heaps of people ride their bikes in Tokyo, too, but it feels like it's a higher percentage, at least where I'm at in Bloomsbury. I love seeing the cargo bikes. My favorite (and first!) sighting was a cargo bike in a separated bike lane along the Thames.
    • I made some progress in documenting how to run Tanzawa in a production environment on the plane. Considering I had most of the commands written down already in the packer scripts, it still took longer than I expected.
    • I'm seeing some gaps in my trip functionality that I want to fix, but maybe once I get back to Japan. I'd like to be able to link to a specific post in a trip, sometimes. This way I can share not just the post or not just the trip, but the full context of the post in the trip. This could be done (probably) by including some a id attribute in the markup, I presume.

      The other bit, and more complex, is I think it would be nice change the zoom of the map as you scroll down automatically. So when you're at the top, it shows the full zoomed out map. Then as you scroll down it zooms in to to whichever posts are visible.
  • Checkin to Bageltopia

    Fuck yea, bagels!
  • Great run this morning.

    Just shy of 7km

    Two things:

    1. The reason people don’t wait for signals to change before crossing the street in the west is because it takes ages. You quickly adapt. These little reminders on the road are helpful in such situations.

    Look Right

    2. I lost data for some reason mid-run so got a bit lost on the way back. But I could see Buckingham Palace and run through a fantastic park.

    Seeing the palace for the first time really gives you a sense of β€œwow Kings and Queens really did rule the country”.

    Westminster Abby
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