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  • Morning Run
    Maybe itโ€™s my imagination, but I swear I felt a slightly cool breeze this morning. 4 and a bit run done, but will have to merge runs somehow as I accidentally ended theโ€ฆ
    Sept. 19, 2023, 6:55 a.m. permalink
  • Still too hot and humid before 6am run

    Sept. 18, 2023, 6:21 a.m. permalink
  • 6am and itโ€™s 27c with 87% humidity
    Autumn please come. Found a conbini car.
    Sept. 17, 2023, 6:22 a.m. permalink

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The solar panels on my roof have generated:

  1. 0.000 kWh today
  2. 3,764.277 kWh total