• Expanded Tanzawa README instructions for running a local development version of Tanzawa using Docker. If you give them a whirl and they don't work or are confusing, let me know with a webmention, tweet, or opening an issue. πŸ™πŸ»
  • Got my Father’s Day present early! Woohoo β˜•οΈπŸŽ‰

    Cold Brew Coffee Maker
  • He explained that since most people are not given the power to directly change these policies, the most effective way to bring about change would be to make a statement to those running the economy by becoming self-sufficient through boycotting corporations, growing one's own vegetables, and making one's own clothes.Β 

    The quote above is from his Wikipedia entry, but I knew there was a reason I liked Manu Chao.  ✊
  • Since it’s going to end soon, another ajisai photo from the other morning while walking Sophie.

    Purple 😍
  • Small quality of life improvements today in Tanzawa: Β admin pages gained mobile navigation and added a link to the admin on the public pages when you’re logged in.
  • Growing up in the US where you from building to car to building, wearing long-sleeves in summer for UV protection didn't seem necessary. Whenever I tried my shirts and jackets weren't made for it so I lasted 3 minutes before changing clothes.

    Really enjoying my Terre Planing Hoody – keeping me protected in the hot/humid Japanese summers with 50 UPFΒ  and doesn't give me heatstroke.
  • Since your data is yours with Tanzawa each record can be inspected and modified via the django admin. Small clean today was to change the names from the table/model to proper verbose names.

    Django admin in Tanzawa
  • Ajisai (hydrangea) season is my favorite season in Japan.

  • I really enjoyed Make Your Life Better by Doing Less by Scott Young. People tend to focus on a better life by adding things to our lives. But adding things spreads us thin, guaranteeing that we don't improve in where it really matters. Rather, we should subtract and focus on those things that really matter to us.

    I think about my morning running habit. Or more accurately, my lack of running habit., You see, I used to run a few times a week, but I kept adding more to my plate. First it was a habit of readingΒ  Twitter for 5 minutes. Then I added Slack for 10 minutes. Oh and Hackernews. One cup of coffee. No, make that two.

    Beyond filling my head with noise when I first wake up, it pushed my morning schedule and spread me thin. Sleeping in five minutes breaks my entire schedule and it's much easier to skip a run when I tell myself "I don't have the time".

    Previously, I’ve asserted that the hard way is often the easy way. Committing to doing something you know will be hard, paradoxically, often results in an easier time than opting for something that seems easy.Β 

    This passage reminded me of when I decided to build Tanzawa instead of making a custom theme for Wordpress for my IndieWeb-ified blog. It's much harder to build your own CMS than to just point and click – but getting it the way I want is much easier.

    Instead of clarifying our pursuits into the few, difficult obstacles they represent and deliberately crafting strategies for dealing with them, we’ve opted for a myriad of seemingly easy problems. Except the easy problems end up filling up our lives, leaving little room for what really matters.

    I couldn't say it better myself.
  • Rewatching Long Way Up since we can’t travel. Making me think about my long planned β€œTrips” feature in Tanzawa. 😜
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