• Really like Ru's rest month idea. Been feeling like I need a rest month on Tanzawa while I sort some good great things out in life. I may still work on it, but no pressure.
  • It's an ice coffee morning. β˜•οΈ

    Brewing some Kenya Ice Coffee
  • The Framework laptop, a laptop designed to be upgraded and repaired has shipped. I really want one as I love the idea of being able to fix my computer again. The two things that give me pause are the hot/loud mess that is Intel (compared to the M1) and jumping to desktop linux (which doesn't have the experience I'm used to on my Mac). πŸ€”
  • I saw this tweet of what Dallas, Texas used to look like and I love it. Compared to what this same spot looks like now, the difference is startling. US cities (even in Texas) used to not be too different from their European counterparts. Maybe this pandemic will allow Americans to start building cities for humans, rather than cars... again.

  • Just shipped support for unlisted and private posts in Tanzawa. This work also allowed me to improve the posting interface and make it a bit easier to use. πŸŽ‰
  • Lately I've been thinking I want a way to post comments on other sites from my site without putting them into my main feed. I could pull it off with just unlisted posts...but I'm not sure if that's a robust enough solution...will have to ponder some more.
  • I've started working on post visibility support in Tanzawa. It's the first big feature I've worked on in a while. Also a great opportunity for me to up test coverage to make sure visibility is consistent between RSS/Feeds/Streams/Micropub.

    Adding post visibility support
  • Perfect timing from aaronpk with this Swarm Checkin Import tool. I had been recently thinking about how to import my historical Swarm checkins to my blog so I could build a fun map. Will have to fiddle with this in the next week. Thank you .
  • Enoden Monaka. Love the packaging of these. The classic style tickets are great.

    Enoden Monaka
  • Bookmark of Newsstand

    Google News RSS reader for Mac OS 9 More than 200 curated topics Top news available for 24 countries Designed with an Apple Platinum interface Natively written in Mac OS 9
    The world needs more software like this. So clean and with minimal system requirements. Lovely.
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