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    He's turning Automattic into a different kind of tech giant. But can he take on the trillion-dollar walled gardens and give the internet back to the people?
    While I agree with Matt that decentralization and individual ownership are central to a Web3, the crypto/blockchain aspect of it is a technological farce.

    Following the principles of IndieWeb on your own domain will allow you, today, to own all of your data and to interact with other people absent of any intermediary service and without melting the arctic.

    A major motivator for building Tanzawa was individual ownership. It's not enough to have your data, but have it stuck in a in serialzied blob in a Wordpress plugin data column somewhere. It's too difficult and cumbersome to reuse. It must be in a proper relational schema. So far the fruits of my indieweb journey have allowed me to not only own my data, but to actually use it to  build upon it. Both trips and maps wouldn't have been possible without Tanzawa.
  • Response to Announcing indieweb-utils

    After some thought, I decided to build indieweb-utils, a Python library with building blocks that will assist developers in building IndieWeb applications.
    indieweb-utils looks like a lovely library to help with some of the faff of html parsing for the IndieWeb.

    I originally planned to do something similar using Tanzawa Indieweb module for Django-Indieweb stuff, but now I'm less convinced that'd be useful outside of the Tanzawa context. 

    I'd love to see the Python/Indieweb "consolidate" a bit on a single library so we aren't duplicating effort. I'll have to open some PRs. Great work, James!
  • Response to Muffy Van Moof’s Maiden Voyage

    I went to the dentist and when I returned to the bicycle rack I discovered my broken lock laying on the pavement. No bike. I looked at the security guard standing by the door, pointed, and gave him a look. He said, “Oh. That was your bike?”
    But San Francisco has lots of hills and the difference between a fast easy bike ride vs. an arduous uphill journey is rendered moot with just a teeny tiny bit of extra oomph.
    There's heaps of hills in Yokohama, too, and the extra oomph makes all the difference. It's so much easier to navigate and park our bikes than a car. And with the assist even with 15kg of kid on the back,  the steepest hills remain surmountable without breaking a sweat. This machine fights climate change 🚲.

    Also so nice to see the photos, of just how common e-bikes are becoming in US. And those bike lanes and some proper infrastructure. 😍
  • Response to GNUstep: Open-source, Object-oriented, Cross-platform Development Environment

    GNUstep is a mature Framework, suited both for advanced GUI desktop applications as well as server applications. The framework closely follows Apple's Cocoa APIs and is portable to a variety of platforms and architectures.
    Reading this comment really brought back memories of being an Objective-C developer in the early MacOS X days. One thing I lamented in those days was that whatever I wrote was stuck on the Mac and GNUstep gave me hope that it didn't need to be.

    High school me used to think how cool Objective-C and Cocoa was and how it was the future. And thanks to the iPhone, for a long time I was right.

    But the web won the war for Cross-platform development and most days I'm glad it did.
  • Response to Advent of Bloggers 2021

    For the last week or two, I have been thinking whether there is a December blogging series I could take on, similar to how Advent of Code publishes a new coding challenge every day throughout Advent.

    From now up until December 24th, I hope to write a blog post every day about a blog that I find interesting.
    Fantastic idea. Looking forward to the Advent James!
  • Response to Riding a Solar-Powered Electric Bike 6,900 Miles Across America | Cascade Bicycle Club

    Sushil Reddy, founder of the SunPedal project, is using his legs and the sun to prove that solar power and electric bikes are viable solutions for reducing fossil fuel use and helping to solve the climate crisis.
    What a cool bike and a cool project. Hopefully they finish it safely. 🙏🏻

    Wonder what it’s like with a powered front wheel too.
  • Response to Bahn2GPX

    For me, the best option to travel long distances within Germany is to take the train.
    That’s why I created a little tool (Bahn2GPX) that knows all stations in Germany. Via the command line, I can specify all stations and at the end the tool gives me a GPX file with the route.
    Oh that is too cool. You're giving me ideas about expanding the trips functionality in Tanzawa...
  • Response to Andrés Cárdenas [kandr3s]

    That's good news on the "custom permalinks" front, right? 🤞
    Yes. Custom urls are a core requirement for plugins and a “redirects” plugin could very well be one way to implement custom permalinks ( I’m not  convinced urls matter for most posts these days, so I’m not sure if it’s a core feature).
  • Response to Tanzawa testing

    I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions, James.
    I wish I had the technical knowledge to accomplish these things and help with Tanzawa development, but I know only enough HTML, CSS and Javascript to build simple websites.

    - Is there a way to use iframes (embed media) with the editor?
    - On my current local installation Tanzawa Replies do not seem to work.
    - Flag emojis do not seem to show up in the streams sidebar
    - Manually editing post dates.
    - Options to enable/disable Maps & Trips?
    Thanks for the reply. I'll keep this reply public so it acts as "documentation" if other people are searching around about Tanzawa and wondering similar things. 

    I'll dive in to answering your questions.

    > Is there a way to use iframes (embed media) with the editor?

    Not at the moment. Tanzawa is using Trix as its editor, so there is probably a way, but I haven't researched it at all. The main reason for not even allowing video uploading is that processing is quite time/cpu intensive. Processing video needs to be done in the background, which requires background tasks and Tanzawa doesn't support (yet) in an effort to keep the system simple.

    > On my current local installation Tanzawa Replies do not seem to work.

    This happens sometimes. Tanzawa's code for pulling out metadata for replies / bookmarks isn't quite as robust as I'd like. If you can share the URL with me I'd be happy to take a look.

    >  Flag emojis do not seem to show up in the streams sidebar

    Yes – I ran into this on my site as well. It seems to be an issue with the Django admin converting the character automatically (or something of that nature). I created my Japan stream via the Django console by typing in the python code directly.

    $ python3 apps/manage.py shell
    >>> from streams.models import MStream
    >>> MStream.objects.create(icon="🇯🇵", slug="japan-2", name="Japan 2")
    <MStream: Japan 2>
    >>> exit()

    As slug is a unique field, if you want to update an existing stream, you can do it by first selecting it, setting the value, and saving.

    $ python3 apps/manage.py shell
    >>> from streams.models import MStream
    >>> stream = MStream.objects.get(slug="japan")
    >>> stream.icon = "🇯🇵"
    >>> stream.save()
    >>> exit()

    > Manually editing post dates.

    Yes - I have an issue on GitHub for this and a WIP branch locally. It's been a while since I looked at the code, but as I recall I was getting bogged down writing the interface for it. After I finish ship plugins, I'll give it another look.

    > Options to enable/disable Maps & Trips?

    There isn't a point and click way to do this. The easiest way for now  modify the base public template in apps/templates/base_public.html. Maybe it makes sense to transition Maps/Trips to plugins in the future...
  • Response to kandr3s [Andrés Cárdenas]

    I installed Tanzawa. It's amazing. Seriously amazing.
    I feel right at home using its UI. I'm loving testing it locally, but there's two things I haven't figure out:
    1. What's the best way to import content from markdown files?
    2. Custom link support.
    Thank you for such kind words, Andrés!

    To answer your questions:

    1. There isn't a direct way to import markdown into Tanzawa. Wordpress would be one way, but you'd likely lose the "post kind" data along the way. The Tanzawa Wordpress import was really designed for moving data from the IndieWeb Plugins to Tanzawa. I also haven't run it since I imported my site in April, so it might be broken.

    Perhaps the best way, although it would require a little programming, would be to convert the posts to microformat and POST it to the micropub endpoint. Something like this would be useful for many people, so if you do go this route, I'd love to be able to direct people your tool.

    2. Custom link support is something I've been thinking about. I think might handle it with a plugin, but I'm not sure. Right now the only way to add a redirect in your nginx or apache configuration. So not simple or scalable.
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