Response to How can I improve the typography on my site?

I have been thinking about the typography on my website for months in the back of my head. Every so often, I ask myself: is the typography as good as it can be? First, I wonder whether I should start using a custom font. If I recall correctly, I am using a web-safe default font right now. Maybe a new font will add more character to my blog?
You may be interested in On Web Typography (their other books on design are really good, too).

Your typography for each element should help that element fit its purpose on that given page. i.e. you wouldn't want bold 36px text for your blog posts. Your font sizes for blog post text will probably be different between the main page and the blog post detail page because the purpose of the text is different. Serif fonts, that is fonts with caps on the end are easier to read for longer texts. Give it room to breathe.

You can also use different colors of text to increase/reduce emphasis of a particular element. I use thisΒ  technique quite a bit in Tanzawa. For example the page I'm using to write this reply looks like this:

Smaller fonts in light gray de-emphasis less important bits

Typography and design are deep subjects and are, in many ways, exactly like programming in the following sense: "Give a man a program, frustrate him for a day. Teach a man to pgoram, frustrate him for a lifetime."