Response to Announcing indieweb-utils

After some thought, I decided to build indieweb-utils, a Python library with building blocks that will assist developers in building IndieWeb applications.
indieweb-utils looks like a lovely library to help with some of the faff of html parsing for the IndieWeb.

I originally planned to do something similar using Tanzawa Indieweb module for Django-Indieweb stuff, but now I'm less convinced that'd be useful outside of the Tanzawa context.Β 

I'd love to see the Python/Indieweb "consolidate" a bit on a single library so we aren't duplicating effort. I'll have to open some PRs. Great work, James!
  • Thank you for your kind words, James! Feel free to make any contributions! I don't have a guide on what should / should not be in the library but, generally, any building block that could be applied to multiple IndieWeb apps or that implements a spec would be a great addition!