• Planted some tomatoes, shishito, bell peppers, and corn seeds today. Only planted the corn because Leo insisted we get it. I know "life finds a way", but given my lack of green thumb, I'll hope for the best, but expect nothing.
  • Checkin to Starbucks

    in Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan
    Morning Starbucks with Leo by bicycle.
    2021-05-1T00:05:29.jpg 328.45 KB
  • When Basecamp launched Hey, I really liked the philosophy and design of the system. But I wasn’t sold on using their domain. GladΒ  I stuck with Fastmail.
  • I started working on the basic file management interface for Tanzawa. Right now it's quite basic. Clicking any image in the grid will pop up a modal with a larger version, links to the posts it's used in, and meta information.

    First draft of the file management interface in Tanzawa
  • Leo’s new favorite pastime is to crawl around the car and listen to music. He switched the radio station and Journey comes on. Immediately says β€œI like this”. Addaboy.Β 
  • The wind is so strong, last night it blew the cover off my bike, blew the e-bike over, and its cover has disappeared. Time to see if I can find it.

    Update: Found it a few houses down stuck under their car.
  • Made some optimizations to my site today.Β 
    • Enabled the django gzip middleware so html is compressed over the wire. Practically speaking, responses loads should be about 5kb now, or a quarter of the previous size.
    • Optimized the queries for public facing pages. All pages now require less than 10 queries.
    • All optimized images will now be automatically resized by 50% and converted to webp (where supported). This helps reduce images sizes from drastically, usually to around 100k or less, each.
  • Fixed the rest of the site on mobile. Which really means content is now full-width and stacked, rather than in columns. It's amazing what you can do these days with just flex, flex columns and media queries (made super easy with Tailwind).
  • I've fixed navigation on mobile, first time doing responsive design with tailwind. The hamburger menu is just a button with 3Β  8px by 1px brown divs inside.

    Fixed navigation on mobile.
  • Added a small feature – clicking on the interaction count from the post list will open the detail page with the interactions open.
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