• I'm really liking ooh.directory. Yes it's full circle for how we used to discover things on the web, but it's kinda nice? Having a human curate the sites allows them to surface sites that'd get lost in the noise of SEO spam.
  • Checking out various mastodon instances and it reminds me of browsing phpBB forums growing up, in a good way.
  • Maybe it's time I start getting a bit more serious about posting from my blog and basically ignoring Twitter.
  • Stinkin' clouds.
  • Since I've started running almost everyday it a) (oddly) seems more sustainableΒ  and b) puts me within spitting distance of hitting my 100 runs for the year.
  • Sunbottle is on its final domain, solar.jamesvandyne.com. I've also open sourced it, but it needs more work before it's ready for others to use.
  • Great twitter thread about the cost of running some beefy Intel NUCs at home vs the cost of a server in the cloud. I wonder if I couldn't just host my blog/services at home like I used to...with solar/battery I've got power backups too :-)
  • ⚑️I’m amazed. Even on this mostly cloudy day it looks with my small panels and small battery (which I didn’t even fill up) will get us to over 80% self-sufficient electric.Β 

    Caveat being it wasn’t super cold today and we still cook / heat water with gas, but better than expected. Can’t wait for the first full sunny day.Β 
  • My house is now putting green electrons into the gridΒ  (when it’s not using or storing them) πŸ˜€βš‘οΈ. Kinda cloudy today, though.
  • I originally learned about Nude Foods in this video about shopping plastic free. I wish we had one here in Yokohama. So. Much. Plastic.
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