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  • 🔗 PaperCamp

    James Wheare now gives a quick demo. He’s making a daily physical lifestream. Overnight, it pulls in blog entries, Flickr pictures and twitter messages from his friends and in the morning, he prints out a foldable A4 page. He can fold this down into a little booklet to take with him when he leaves the house.
    I don’t commute most days so printing out a “lifestream” doesn’t quite make sense for me, but I love the idea of using paper more. I love paper and pens and notebooks…I can just never seem to get in the habit of using them.

    But being able to mashup feeds and photos together via open APIs and formats is one thing that makes the internet great. I should look into doing more of that, instead of outsourcing it to Mastodon and my RSS reader…