Response to Back then, everything seemed so possible.

For younger folk: this photo is from the farcical Web 1.0 Summit to make fun of those using the "Web 2.0" moniker for their own marketing ambitions. In other words, history repeating itself. The photos are gold:
It really did feel like anything was possible in the early 2000's on the internet. These days it's different.

  • People don't sit down at computers, so you "need" a web app and a mobile app (which requires submitting apps to stores with arbitrary rules).Β 
  • People don't want to create logins (so you need to integrate with the tech giants for login)
  • Services keep (your) data tight within walls.
  • Search results often favor the big incumbents.
  • Most every online interaction is somehow linked to Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, or Twitter.

Communities like the IndieWeb community give me hope. Hope that, while it may never return to the way it was, there's enough people that remember the promise of the internet and care enough to try keep it alive.