[How millions of French shoppers are rejecting cut-price capitalism](https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/dec/04/french-shoppers-rejecting-cut-price-capitalism-nicolas-chabanne)

I’ve said it before, I love the French.

Seeing this awakening of consumers is such a breath of fresh air. For an extra 5 bucks a year, your farmer isn’t going bust and is able to make a living. Totally worth it. No brainer.

> He pictures the brand’s archetypal target customer as “perhaps the couple in their mid-30s, working parents, young kids, highly conscious of the climate crisis, the need to eat healthily, of animal welfare, single-use plastics in packaging, the plight of the farmer … but maybe unable to afford full organic. Well, we’re the answer.”

Guilty on all counts. Great customer analysis.

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