Bringing a new piece of internet-connected technology into your life requires an adequate amount of thought. And after a couple years of thinking about it, I finally decided to get an Apple Watch. Usually there’s no need to blog about a consumer electronics purchase, but I feel like the Apple Watch is different. Its capabilities and role are more intimate.

That is, I’m not getting one to tell me the time – I have a couple of great watches that work fine. No, I’m getting the Watch because it can help remind me to focus on me and the long term. If properly utilized it can aid me in my quest for a simpler, healthier life.

The promised sleep tracking, combined with the package of simpler features is what finally pushed me over the edge to purchase one. I’d love to be able to use the EKG feature, but it’s not enabled (yet) on Watches sold in Japan.

Sleep Tracking

Reading about the sleep tracking feature online, it seems that it’s less focused on the minutia and more focused on the big picture. Get you to bed on time as planned, so you get your hours in, and the rest will work itself out. Focus on the basics.

While I usually get 7-8 hours of sleep a night, with a toddler, my sleep or wake time are not entirely in my control. Having a record of my hours slept and then being able to corollate it over time to how I feel will be powerful.

Haptic Alarms

One part of my sleep schedule that is partially in control is my wake time. Ideally I’d like to get up around 4am consistently. This is easier in the summer in Japan because the sun rises around 4:30am and it’s hot by 6am. However, I’m unable to use an alarm that makes noise, as it’ll wake everyone else in the house up. Using an alarm that doesn’t make noise, but just vibrates so I can feel it is a game changer for controlling when I rise each day.

AirPods + GPS

Having a built in GPS and being able to sync music / podcasts to my watch will make it easier to go for a run in the morning. No more fiddling with my phone, wearing a bag to hold it or anything. Just grab my keys/id and go.


Full support for ApplePay on the Watch means when I’m out for a run, I can stop by 7-11 to get an iced coffee without fiddling with cash or my phone. It also means that even if I forget my phone (or choose to leave it at home), I still have my credit cards / transit cards, everything with me.

Even if I manage to wake consistently at 4am, I’ve still got to use that time efficiently. Waking up by my iPhone next to me is a quick way to lose my faith in humanity before getting out of bed each day.

I’ll end with a few things that I hope the Watch will encourage.

  • Consistent wake and sleep times. I’m shooting for an 8pm ~ 4am schedule. When my son is gone, the 8pm bedtime goes out the window.
  • Increase Water Consumption: I tend to slip on coffee for too long and not drink enough water. Simple reminders to nag me to drink my water.
  • Increase movement during the day: I’m a programmer and when I get in the zone I don’t get up unless I have two. Fortunately my workplace lets me get in the zone pretty good almost everyday. Unfortunately, I’ll realize sat down after lunch and haven’t gotten up once until quitting time.
  • Running: My eternal goal – become a regular runner. I was a regular runner for 3 months just after Leo was born. It may have been because I was sleep deprived and my brain couldn’t talk it’s way out of running. But it also may have been that I was always up at 4am anyways.

It arrives tomorrow and I am giddy.

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