I went on my first run with my Apple Watch yesterday. It was a short run as I haven’t run in a while and need to build my capacity back up. First impression is that running without my phone is so nice. Losing the extra weight, not needing to worry about accidentally setting off the SoS to call the cops while blindly fiddling with volume control at 5am (true story), and not needing my SPI belt are all great. 

I usually run listening to music (the Anjunabeats Worldwide Podcast) via Overcast and Runkeeper set to announce times / pace / no music (because Overcast is in control). I imagine it’s because a lack of processing power on the Watch, but Runkeeper will pause music to announce times every 5 minutes, but it doesn’t resume immediately afterwards. I have to manually press the dock button and hit play to start music again. Not sure if this is a bug with Runkeeper or not.

The other issue I ran into was my AirPods disconnected from my watch mid-run when my Watch realized my iPhone was out of range. This caused me to loose all audio as I couldn’t get them to reconnect.

After my run, I usually share immediately on twitter and then look at my phone while cooling down on the way home. No phone means no immediate twitter sharing and no staring at a cell phone. Walking home without feeling the urge to look at my phone and just look around was a nice change of pace I could get used to.

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