• I saw a good format for a weekly “week in review” blog post on Michael’s microblog that I’m going to copy. It’s just a bullet list of things that happened, but I hope it will allow me to capture the ideas that are between a status update a full post.
  • I figured out why some of my posts weren’t receiving with webmentions with help from the indieweb irc chat. Webmentions are only enabled if trackback/comments are allowed. The posts that weren’t working I drafted initially using MarsEdit, which turns off trackbacks by default. Unfortunately there isn’t a per-post checkbox in my post admin interface, so it was non-obvious why some were working and some weren’t.
  • The potential of Micropub finally clicked thanks to a talk by I watched by Chris.
  • I finished reading chapter one of the dragon book, though it no longer has a dragon on the cover. There’s no real immediate work or project ideas for me to learn compiler design, but I know the principles will come in handy.
  • My Apple Watch has quickly made itself an indispensable part of my routine. The haptic wake up alarms and the reminders to stand while I’m working are the killer features for me so far. Running with it is also a game changer. I’m using the 4 hour weather look ahead on my wrist far more than I had thought I would. But that’s probably because it’s the rainy season.
  • I went to St. Marc Cafe for a coffee and chocolate croissant. There wasn’t an empty seat inside, which made me a bit nervous. Everyone was wearing a mask when they weren’t drinking / eating and that location is large enough where there’s plenty of space between tables.
  1. Hey, sorry I missed that you’d started doing these after seeing mine! I feel honoured 🙂

    Oh, and one question just generally about the blog. Is the post meant to end with ‘Also on:’? I noticed that other posts do that as well and assume it’s some vestige of a cross-posting script.

    • Indeed – it’s from the Syndication Links plugin on WordPress. Most posts should have a a twitter icon there (as I tweet mostly via my blog now), but it’s possible that it may display Also on: without any syndication links.

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