• I shipped a small project I was working on for a friend to automate some data collection from Texas Commission on Environmental Quality’s website. The work itself wasn’t too much different than Airbot but instead of being a full-blown django app requiring a server, it’s a lambda function that runs for a few minutes each day.
  • I rode the train for the first time since February-ish. This kind of blows my mind as one of the things I love about Japan is the abundance of mass transit. But I also haven’t been going too far out of a 5km radius from my house on a regular basis either, so it makes sense.
  • I did some exploring of the neighborhood behind ours on a long walk with Sophie over the weekend. It feels oddly American, but not. The streets are wide, there’s sidewalks on both sides, every house is offset from the curb with a small garden, it’s quite nice. But it’s also not nearly as American Sanda, Hyogo
  • I saw this great ad for the Harris County Public Library. I hope that ads like these help encourage people to use the library.
  • I ran my fastest 5.09km to date at 32 minutes 30 seconds. Edging closer to the elusive 5km in 30 minutes.

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