• I started working on a new, lighter design for my site. Which you’re probably looking at right now. It’s heavily inspired by solar.lowtechmagazine at the moment, but I’m planning to tweak it more as time goes on.
  • I made the short drive to Kamakura with the family to visit Patagonia. I used to visit Kamakura regularly, but with the surge of tourists and overtourism it’s become so full of people that I try to time my visits to “off-season”. With tourists not being allowed into the country it was so much quieter. It feels a lot like when I first visited Japan in 2006.
  • While in Kamakura I took the opportunity to ride one of my favorite trains, the Enoden. Leo’s getting old enough where we can ask questions of each other. My favorite exchange of the trip was when I asked him if he likes riding the train. His (translated) response: “I like riding the train. Mom, do you like riding the train, too?”. It was cute to see him wanting to make sure that mom was also having a good time.
  • I found this guy that collects photos from flea markets in Japan. Whenever I See pictures like these, I always wonder about the people in the photos.Who are they? What they did? How’d life treat them? Worth a visit.

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