• I started experimenting more with IndieWeb Post Kinds. I tried a bookmark and a reply to James’ post about RSS, but I’m not sure if it sent webmentions like it should’ve. One thing’s for certain my blog needs some style adjustments – replies don’t have enough space between them and the next post. Finding a good mapping between WordPress “Kind” and the IndieWeb “Post Kind” is difficult, as well.
  • I’ve rearranged the footer of my site. Site meta was deleted, Categories was moved to the right, and I’ve added post kinds to encourage me to use them more. While I backfeed all of my Swarm checkins to my blog, I filter them from my homepage and main rss feed as it creates too much noise. But I still wanted a place to list them on my site, so my most recent 5 checkins are listed as well.
  • I’ve been ignoring my Bedtime and watching Long Way Up/Down/Round. While it’s been good to have some time to travel with my mind it’s been bad for daily energy levels. This week I’m going to try and get to bed on time so I can wake easier.

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