The Week #122

  • I released Sunbottle, the name gave to my solar generation/usage collector, as open source and have put it up at My co-workers gave me some good ideas for different things I could calculate e.g. including the carbon intensity of the grid at the time and so forth. I might make a small API so I can include some data on my homepage as well.
  • It was Halloween! This year I actually stumbled upon a proper carving pumpkin in my neighborhood. Leo drew the face on the pumpkin and I did the carving as I couldn't find the little kid-friendly carving knifes you can find in the US.
  • We're slowly starting to graduate from animation-only movies to more story/live actions movies. We watched a Hocus Pocus as our first Halloween movie. Leo didn't find it scary at all, which was good.
  • Saturday was a rare Saturday where we didn't have anything scheduled or planned. We decided to take it easy and take Leo to ride his bike at the park next to sakai-gawa. When we lived in Texas, we used to bring Sophie with us all sorts of places (we also didn't have a kid). I feel a bit guilty that we can't do that as much here, so we brought her with us as well and she was all smiles and sparkly eyes.
  • I sent in my ballot for the 2022 mid-term election in the US. As I live abroad without a determined return date, Texas only allows me to vote in federal elections i.e. I have no say in the governor race. I understand the logic and mostly don't mind, except this year, I'd like to vote for Beto. This year I can only vote for my congressperson and as my district is gerrymanderedΒ  the likelihood of my guy winning is slim-to-none.
  • Speaking of elections Lula won the Brazilian presidential election. I'd been trying not to read too much about it to avoid disappointment in the case where he lost. Certainly a win for the Amazon and by extension, the rest of humanity.