The Week #70

  • This week was Halloween. For Halloween Leo dressed up as Woody and we had a friend over for lunch. I made a quick chili (although they wouldn't call it chili in Texas, as I put beans in it). Leo ate it up as we called it curry and put a little cheddar cheese on top.
  • Friday was a day off for all the Kraken devs in Japan. Leo's been wanting to take Yumi to the Romance Car Museum since we went together last month. So after kindergarten finished we took our bikes to the station and rode the train to Ebina.

    Despite there not being very many people at the museum, we lost the lottery the ride the simulator. Maybe third time's a charm and we can drive it next time we visit the museuem. Leo and I also spent 30 minutes in the play area, which was a lot of fun. There's a latter and nets that go across the roof, with a ball pit. There's also a big window where you can watch the Odakyu line and we got a good look at a train getting washed.
  • I want to start running more regularly (a regular theme on the week it seems...). But one thing that "stops" me is a lack of music. When I got my Airpods years ago it sustainedΒ  a solid 6 months of running regularly and doing long (~14km) runs.

    The battery started failing about a year ago. 20-ish minutes into a run they'd just die, taking with it my tunes and my beats to power on. With the cold in winter they'd last about...30 seconds. They can't even handle my commute to the office.

    I bought a pair of AirPod Pros to replace my old AirPods with my first check from the new job.
  • My first run with them was great. I'm trying a new strategy this go around; rather than always looking for scenic routes, which usually means hills, I'm going to try and keep my runs as flat as possible. This basically means running along a big road near my house.

    Before when I ran along this road, even a single truck going by would drown out my music unless I had them near max volume, which can't be good for my ears. With the Pros I enabled noise canceling and they sound like EVs going by (but they still smell like the stinky trucks they are). So far so good.
  • We had two more meetings with some installers for solar panels/a battery for the house. Their prices weren't too dissimilar, but they both recommended Sharp panels/battery and a 2.6Kwh system. An earlier quote 2 weeks ago recommendedΒ  Q-cells panels/different battery, which would let us get a bigger 3.5KWh system. While I like idea of having the same manufacturer for panels and battery, giving up a KWh of generation for the lifetime of the panels is a lot of electricity to forgo...