The Week #124

  • Last week I joined Mastodon and this week I've got to say, I'm enjoying it. Social media without the algorithms and outrage machine makes connecting with people on the web great again. While I'm using, browsing some hashtags, I also discovered some instances like and where I've been able to find some interesting people to follow. I also donated to my first patron to help keep's lights on.
  • The US mid-terms happened and, by Jove the Dems managed to hold the Senate and the House is still up for grabs (though leaning Republican, slim majority). Typically when there's full party control of House/Senate/Executive by the same party, the mid-terms results in 60 seat losses in the house, but that wasn't the same this year at all. That's incredible. Given all of the "red wave" talk in the media to see them be so wrong is great.

    I reckon there's a number of reasons for this: Roe vs Wade energizing women, the Biden admin making actual action on climate with the ira, and Gen. Z getting out the vote. To his credit Michael Moore was on TV a few days before the election saying that the red wave won't materialize because of sheer numbers i.e. the number of registered Dems out numbers R's, so if people show up the Dems will win. People showed up.

    Glad to see that my hastily prepared ballot was accepted and counted.
    Better luck next time
  • Leo has been getting more and more into his own room. He decorates it with things he's made and makes lists of stuff he needs for it (mirror and a printer?). On Saturday he said that he was going to sleep in his own room, instead of with us. Or rather we (me and him) were going to. He slept like he always does and I slept...about the same as usual (so-so).

    Sunday he said that he was going to sleep by himself. We did the regular reading routine in his bed and I left after he fell asleep. Going back to my own bed, it felt a bit lonely. I've grown so accustomed to just being able to roll over, open my eyes, and see the little guy snoozing. Leo starting to sleep in his own room by himself is a bit more bittersweet than I was expecting it would be. Thankfully he came in to our room at 2:30am and joined us πŸ₯°.

    I've heard people (in the West) argue against co-sleeping with kids when they're young because it's difficult to get them to sleep in their own room...but he's taking all leadership here.Β