Response to Muffy Van Moof’s Maiden Voyage

I went to the dentist and when I returned to the bicycle rack I discovered my broken lock laying on the pavement. No bike. I looked at the security guard standing by the door, pointed, and gave him a look. He said, β€œOh. That was your bike?”
But San Francisco has lots of hills and the difference between a fast easy bike ride vs. an arduous uphill journey is rendered moot with just a teeny tiny bit of extra oomph.
There's heaps of hills in Yokohama, too, and the extra oomph makes all the difference. It's so much easier to navigate and park our bikes than a car. And with the assist even with 15kg of kid on the back,  the steepest hills remain surmountable without breaking a sweat. This machine fights climate change 🚲.

Also so nice to see the photos, of just how common e-bikes are becoming in US. And those bike lanes and some proper infrastructure. 😍