Response to My weekday coffee routine

I have asked a few people lately when they drink coffee. I am interested in this because I understand that we all drink coffee at different times, in different quantities, and in different contexts. I want to learn more about how others consume coffee.
I'll indulge in talking about my coffee habit. The method that I brew coffee has changed over the years.ย  In college I used either a hand-drip, a french press, or at times a peculator.ย 

My standard method was a hand-drip until my son was born. Then taking the 15 minutes in the morning to brew a cup of coffee became too time consuming. Especially when I wanted more than 2 cups in a go.ย 

These days I use a Cuisenart Automatic Grind and Brew. It has storage for beans on top and a built in bur-grinder. The carafe is also insulated so it doesnโ€™t burn the coffee keeping it warm.

My first cup is usually around 5am with breakfast (slice of thick toast with peanut butter and banana). Second cup is shortly there after.ย 

Around 8 when I start work Iโ€™ll have my third cup. This one is kinda sipped over the course of an hour or so.

I try not to drink coffee in the afternoons. But sometimes I feel like a candy coffee after lunch. Those times Iโ€™ll have a instant cafe latte.

One thing I havenโ€™t done in the past 18 months is go out for a nice coffee at a specialty shop. Iโ€™ve got to Starbucks, but I miss the hand brews ala Blue Bottle sometimes.
  • Thank you for responding to my article! I like it when discussions start from my posts. I think hand-drip coffee gives you the best clarityโ€ฆ