• The Week #202

    • 🎳 Summer is quickly approaching so we've gone searching for entertainment indoors. I quite enjoy bowling (2 semesters in college, still not great) and Leo enjoyed playing last summer when we stayed in Odawara.

      We went bowling at Shonan Tokyu Bowl and it was a lot of fun! I'd been there once before probably 6 years ago and nothing had changed. My favorite parts of the bowling that day was seeing Leo get hyped up and that we could choose a mario theme (SNES era) for our score board. The background change each frame and it was great fun.
      Mario bowling
    • 🍝 Eating out for dinner has been a challenge these past...since Leo was born. It's mostly been Denny's and other family restaurants and I'm so burned out on them. The menus are practically the same and there's always some shit by the registers that kids want to buy that makes entering and leaving a total pain (I'm looking at you, personal gumball machines) .

      But with Leo trying more foods each day (finally!) at primary school, he's feeling a bit more adventurous. Leo and I went and got Indian curry together because he wanted to eat nan. And we were able to go to a place that my wife and I really enjoy for the first time with Leo. Slowly the range of restaurants we can go is expanding.
    • 🌹 For Mother's Day we didn't buy flowersΒ  (Japanese mom's don't want them). Instead Leo and I went in to Yokohama to Tonoji and bought some really nice, handmade bento. Maybe it's the fact that Leo has his own passmo now (i.e. it costs money for him to ride public transit), but going is getting so much easier. He walks, doesn't moan (too much), and doesn't goof off in the train.
    • πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ I ran 3 times a week for the second week in a row. Go me!
  • Afternoon Run
    Quality bench along the river, but no cashless on the vending machines.



    54.4m climbed

    161.5avg bpm

  • Checkin to ζΉ˜ε—γ¨γ†γγ‚…γ†γƒœγ‚¦γƒ«

    in Fujisawa, Kanagawa, Japan
    Playing a couple games of bowling 🎳
  • Response to Coffee experiences

    Next time you make a cup of coffee, take a moment to reflect on the experience. Do you start drinking the coffee when it is a bit too hot? Do you wait until the temperature is just right? Do you forget about the coffee but drink it anyway? How does the c
    As James (not me speaking in the third person) says, the best coffee is always a cup of coffee someone makes for you.
  • Morning Run
    Beautiful day out. Some some trucks with chicano style art on them drive by. Wish I was quick enough to get a picture.



    25.8m climbed

    162avg bpm

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