• 38 minutes for 38 years πŸ₯³
    Got me thinking about 100 minutes at 100 years. Let’s do it πŸ’ͺ🏻
  • Overnight Oats Philosophy

    We all have booms in our life. Periods where we get really into something. My current boom is overnight oats. "Ugh, an entire blog post aboutΒ  oats, pass!", I hear you say, but stay with me.

    Why overnight oats? They're easy for one. I spend 2 minutes each night and breakfast is ready in the morning. Buying some pop-tarts would be even quicker, so it's not about the time. It's more than that.Β 

    Overnight oats perfectly encapsulate some life tenants.

    Take it Slow

    You can't make overnight oats without time. It's right there in the name. Life is the same. All around us – society, the media, entertainment, they all encourage us to rush. Don't miss out! Final sale! GetΒ  yours before it's all gone.

    But I don't care. Embrace "missing out". Final sale? They've had a "going out of business" sale for the last 3 years. Takin' a while, innit? They got theirs? Good for them. I didn't need or want it anyways.

    Keep it easy

    Overnight oats are easy. Put some oats and milk into a container, cover it, and whack it into the fridge. Done. Life should be the same – keep it easy. This doesn't mean to be lazy and don't challenge yourself. Rather, take those hard things, put systems so they become your default and easy.

    It's hard to keep trim (still working on that) when you have a house full of unhealthy snacks tempting you. Easy is stocking healthy foods in a way so they're accessible when you need a snack.

    Make healthy easy and healthy will become your default.

    Keep it whole

    Making oats I'm able to control and pick exactly what goes into them. Organic oats, (almond) milk, organic chia seeds, organic cacao, some honey or (real) maple syrup. All things that our bodies have been eating for hundreds of years. As much as possible, we should prefer food to be as whole as possible.Β 

    It's not a breakfast cereal or supermarket bread with gums and pastes and powders to make it ship and store well on a shelf. It's not a lie.

    For my 38th revolution around the earth I hope to continue being like my overnight oats: Slow, easy, and whole.
  • Checkin to Verve Coffee Roasters

    in Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan
    Enjoying a birthday coffee time at Verve. Smells amazing as they’re roasting coffee in house. πŸ˜‹ β˜•οΈ (Ice for me as it’s 33 out)
  • Response to London Sunrise

    This weekend, I attended the State of the Browser conference in London, an event run by the London Web Standards community. I stayed in the city for a few days to attend the event. One of the highlights of my trip, aside from the delightful and engaging
    London sunrises are something else. I enjoyed them running in London a while back. Especially near Big Ben.
  • Morning Run
    20 degrees out. Now that’s what I’m talking about. Went for a run rather than fix a bug in Tanzawa.
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