I started watching Long Way Up this weekend. What a fantastic show and fascinating journey see – from the tip of Argentina up to L.A. on electric motorcycles.

As a fan of electric vehicles the first few episodes are bittersweet as they figure out how the bikes and charging work. Cold weather shortens the lifespan of any battery, so starting the journey at the end of winter and traveling through remote areas without a solid grid increases the challenge to a new level.

Seeing the beauty of these towns makes me want to visit Argentina and Chile so I can see it with my own eyes. The flight from Japan would be brutal as most flights to South America from Japan transit in Houston or L.A. – so a 10 – 14 hour flight to make it halfway.

Harris County released a new ballot tracking website. It looks clean but is broken because it won’t send your request if you’re using uBlock Origin or Firefox Focus on iOS.

On mobile I get a helpful error message about I don’t allow third party cookies. On desktop it fails silently. I know that devs behind it are doing their best. It must be quite difficult to build this simple-on-the-surface-but-regulatory-compliant-complex service on what is likely had a short deadline.

Technical nits aside, it does work as advertised. It took over a week after delivery but my ballot has been marked as received. Progress.

2020 ballot received

Made it to Shonandai and back. Took the direct route there and the scenic route along sakaigawa back. Love rice harvest season. πŸƒπŸŒΎπŸž