The Week #118

  • I turned 37 years old. Last week at our friend's house we celebrated two birthdays with a larger cake, so on the actual day-of, we opted for individual slices. I took the day after off (so Leo would be in school until mid-afternoon) and we made a quick trip to Kamakura. Yumi bought me a nice new long sleeve shirt from Patagonia and I bought myself a beanie for winter. I bought some bread next door of Patagonia and it turned out to be legit sourdough, I haven't had that in years. Finally we got lunch at Oxymoron, this great curry place which has huge lines on the weekends, and not so much on a random Thursday.
  • We got an email from our solar installers and they got everything, so we're ready for install on October 17th and 18th. Unfortunately it's past "prime time" for the year in terms of generating electricity, but it should still help us save quite a bit of money as the fuel adjustment costs continue to increase.
  • It looks like this past weekend was the last warm weekend of the year, so we went to the beach to play in the water. Usually it's just me and Leo making unplanned trips by subway-train-monorail, but this time all 3 of us by car. The beach is so much better (as a quasi-local) without the beach houses up.
  • I'm experimenting with putting my phone in monochrome to reduce its desirability. I must say, I think I like it more in monochrome as the entire experience is so much more calm. I can't say for certain if it will be a long-term change, but so far I really like it.Β 
  • I'm curious about running the phone in monochrome. What does that mean?

  • It means my entire display is in Grayscale. It’s easy to turn on, it’s a filter under accessibility, the same as auto-adjusting for different color-blindness.