The Week #73

  • The covid numbers have been low for about a month now. Low enough that I felt comfortable to go out for brews with the old beer club. It's probably been around 2+ years since I last went out with them and it was a lot of fun.Β 
  • I made some good progress on the Tanzawa plugin proof of concept. It's still a ways from being mergable, but progress is progress. While I initially thought I'd made the plugin something simple like a widget to display time, I've change my mind. It needs to be a plugin that has custom urls, models, and public/admin views to really force me hit the mark. It needs to be either an about or now page plugin.
  • Leo and I did our loop to Enoshima and back riding every train/monorail we can. Since we both have yearly passes it makes it easy to go to the aquarium, see the sharks and the dolphin show, and leave.

    Since he first played in the ocean a couple months ago and realize how fun it is, we also had to drop by the beach. I didn't bring him swimsuit, but he had a full change of clothes πŸ˜€, so he was able to get in and stomp around in the water.

    Riding the Odakyu line back, we waited in front near the driver's cab. When we boarded the drive went into his cab and waved at Leo. Then he rolled down the window and chatted for a minute. Leo was a bit shy to reply. He has a son the same age as Leo. The driver had a bunch of cards and let Leo pick the one he wanted (naturally he picked the Romance Car). Finally, when we parted ways at the next stop, the driver rolled down his window again, and told us "take care!". It's always nice when Leo can interact with the rockstars of his world.
  • I watched half of Home Alone with Leo. At first he didn't want to watch it, but once I told him it's about a kid who tricks some house robbers, he agreed. We would have made it through the rest of it, but he fell asleep on the couch.