The Week #72

  • I watched Finch, a new movie with just Tom Hanks. It's kind of like Cast Away, but instead of being stuck on an island, he's on earth after a solar flare, which made huge holes in the atmosphere all over and killed the plants. It was really good. Though I'm not sure on the re-watch value.Β 
  • Leo's cousins came to visit grandma's house. We took them all out Chigasaki Satoyama park, as we needed to pick up the bicycle we left last week. His cousin, an elementary school student, gave the glowing reviews of that big slide I had hoped he would.

    I'mΒ  grateful the cousins are all close enough in age that they can play well together. We can mostly sit and enjoy a cup of coffee and watch while they run around.

    As we predicted, Leo decided he wanted to also stay the night at grandma's. Thankfully Yumi's sister was fine with another kid, so we could have a night with just us.We don't get many kid-free nights for both Yumi and me (this is probably the 2nd time since Leo was born?), but it sure is nice to be able to go out to eat where we want and just talk.

    Sometimes I find myself wondering, "Didn't we walk more about the world, and travel? What happened? Did we change?", and the answer is no, we didn't change, but that we can't talk more than 2 minutes before there's one interruption or another or we're exhausted and asleep. That's reassuring.
  • I went running 3 times last week. Each run gets slightly easier than the previous. I think I need to make it routine to go every-other-day or every-third day. Anything less consistent than that and it's too easy to skip runs. And now that I've written this, I'll probably have an off week. πŸ™ƒ
  • The Christmas tree came out of storage a bit earlier than anticipated. I used my trial of Apple Music to put on some classic Christmas music while we decorated it and it was good fun. I thought Leo wanted to take out the tree because he wanted hang ornaments, but the next morning he looked at the tree and said "Santa didn't come" – the boy just wants some trains!🀣 Either way, happy that it's up. I posted some photos of my favorite ornaments on Twitter.