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Discover contemporary cycling culture in three European cities: Berlin, the unofficial capital of vintage racing bikes. London, where cycle-cafΓ©s also hold speed dating evenings and Amsterdam where cyclists stand out from the crowd with style.
A great documentary series about cycling from 2018. With interviews and footage with bike couriers in Berlin, cycle fashion bloggers in Copenhagen, it inspired me to take out my cross-bike instead of the eBike mama-chari for the first time in ages. I wish I had a reason to ride it more.

I love the sub-culture around bikes. Not the lycra wearing weekend racers, but the everyday riders. Riding for transport. OrΒ  work. Or whatever. Each bike as unique as its owner. And each ride in the city, a small protest against the car dominance that is killing us all.
  • @poetalegre πŸ™ŒπŸ» Love it.

  • @maique Yeah. I usually use my e-assist bike around here because of the hills, too. Especially with 14kg of precious cargo on the back.