I've got a couple of ideas for improvements for my blog that I've been pondering recently.

1. A plugin to make it easy to track health related data. This wouldn't necessarily become a blog post but rather, due to the sensitive nature of health data, would rollup into a "health" page, which would be private. Mostly I'm thinking of a dead simple form to input weight in kg and eventually graph it.

The important part about is that it doesn't immediately take you to the graph or show you the previous results when inputting data, so you don't end up in a negative spiral if it goes the wrong direction.

2. A "books" feature that would let you store the books you're reading. Then when you're reading and find a quote you like, you can save the quote along with your notes. This would become a blog post, but would rollup into a "books" section. Similar to how Trips.

I imagine the list page would be a list of book covers with the title. Clicking on it would then take you to a page that shows all of the quotes/posts in the order that they appear in the book.