The Week #116

  • Nanmadol, the biggest typhoon/tropical storm since accurate recordings began made landfall in Japan. It's blowing sustained winds are 108 kilometers per hour (67 mph) and gusts up to 162 kilometers (100 miles) per hour. Nanmadol is actually over Yokohama/Tokyo as I write this. Usually typhoons pass quite quickly, but this storm seems like it's taking its time boating along at around 20kph. I enjoy a good storm less than I did when I was younger, perhaps because I'm responsible for handling any damage might occur.
  • We made reservations to go camping next month at Well Camp Nishi Tanzawa. We'd talked about it before, but neither of us went camping as a kid, so it's a bit daunting to get started. One of our friends from pre-school whose husband camps and is trying to get his family more into camping invited us, so we decided it's now or never. Getting the basics camping for a family is relatively expensive. I'm justifying it in my head in two ways: it's good preparation for disasters and each successive trip is quite affordable. Not to mention it gets us out into the Japanese mountains and countryside which is so beautiful.Β 
  • I started on a redesign just the main page of my blog (and really for Tanzawa as a whole). Rather than just being a list of full blog posts, I'm going to make it more summary driven. I plan to remove the streams sidebar from the homepage, so I'll have the full horizontal area to use. Right now I'm thinking about a just a small feed at the top with my last 5 "status" posts (truncated and linked to the full post) at the top.Β 

    Other widgets I want, but I'm undecided where / how they'll look are:Β 
    • "Last seen at: ...", with a link to my latest checkin postΒ 
    • A 4x4 widget with my recent photos (unsure if this should depend on proper Photo posts or just show the recently uploaded/public photos).
    • A list of recent posts (non-status, things with titles).
    • Maybe some kind of map with recent checkins.
    • Would love to integrate weather or other real-time / stats data.
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  • I didn't look at the markup but there's a strange amount of white space at the beginning of the entry in my RSS reader.

  • Weird - nothing change, I don't think. Just this post? Which reader are you using?

  • Sorry, I realise I noticed it because I happened to use NetNewsWire for this week (normally I read the website). The previous entries have the same issue. I looked at the HTML in the feed and the β€˜problem’ is that there’s a <br> at the start. It’s not there in the web version.